Fuel Saving Tests for Diesel and Petrol

The Propelgol® diesel test results are based on the fuel quality and dosage that gives the optimum for the countries and continents in which Propelgol® is used.

Propelgol® diesel test results from our Client in Colombia.

The test was don with 3 vehicles and a generator at an altitude of 2.500 meters.

Bus: Mercedes O 500 test result

Truck: Kenworth ISX 450 test result

Generator: Caterpillar C15 500 test result

Truck: Kenworth ISX 400 test result

Propelgol® petrol test result from our Client in China.

The petrol test was done with a Porsche Macan at sea level with different dosage according to the fuel quality of the base petrol.

Porsche Macan: Propelgol® Petrol China result