Good evening, my name is Aldemar Corredor and I have been  working for 18 years as driver with Los Libertadores. I drive a bus make SCANIA with license plate TUL377
I want to give my testimony about Propelgol® Diesel.
I used this product during 1 month in approximately  15 tank fillings.  I used it in adecuate quantities .

Men and women that are interested in propelgol® diesel I want to tell you that it is an excellent product. It gave to the vehicle more power in the engine and beside it gave a fuel saving of approximately 20%, it happened in a distance from Sogamoso to Bogotá and Bogotá to Sogamoso.
With the use of this product, the bus started to  show improvement in speed, it showed fuel saving and more power in the engine.
I want tell to you that at this moment we are using Propelgol Diesel in 4 more vehicles and we are very satisfaid with this product because it is a very very good product, it is excellent .
Finally with this testimony I tell you that Propelgol® Diesel is an excellent product for our vehicles.


Well we are in Sogamoso’ city in order to give  testimony about PROPELGOL® product.

It is a very excellent product, I used it in my own 3 vehicles, at the beginning I could not notice changes in the vehicles ,but in the second week I could notice the engine’s smoothness, the vehicles showed less black
Smoke and they started to show a fuel saving between 10 and 25 percent , but it depends of geography.

I think that it is a very good product. It’s a shame that it’s not on the market yet, it is a very good product.

For example when I travel to Barranquilla Colombia, I spend 300 gallons but when I used PROPELGOL® the vehicle  started to show a fuel saving of 20 percent, I saved approximately 60 gallons.

I don’t know who sell it? But I need the product.
Really it gave to my vehicle a very good performance.

Interviewer: do you recommend the product Mr German?

Yes , I fully recommend it. It is very good product. If someone want to buy it I recommend it with closed eyes because it is a very good product.

Thank you very much


Good morning everybody, I am here in  Tunja city, I am going to talk about the product Propelgol®. I drive a truck International eagle, this vehicle traveled from Bogota to Barranquilla. I spent approximately 1 liter of this product, more and less in a one month or 45 days, we can note a better performance and cleaner injectors and actuators in the truck. Also in the third time I used the product, we noticed a fuel saving in the vehicle, approximately 20 to 25 percent. Beside it’s helping to clean the engine, more power in the vehicle and give the vehicle a stabilized engine’s sound. I think that it is an excellent product that I advise to the people who want to use this product, it is an excellent product, thank you.

God bless you