Emission test reports

Both TÜV soot emission tests were done with the same Land Rover Defender 110. The vehicle is a TD5 Euro 3 standard vehicle. The EGR valve and Oxy-CAT was removed before both tests. Left test was done in 2014 the Arithm. Mittelwert der Trübung (soot) 0.87 The right test was done in 2012 the Arithm. Mittelwert der Trübung (soot)1.80. In both cases the max norm was 1.80 for this test. The decrease in soot is 68% with Propelgol™.

Below the soot test done by Dekra with the same Land Rover Defender 110 without the EGR valve and Oxy-CAT in 2016. The norm is changed because of the VW case from 1.80 into 2.50.  It shows a soot reduction of 95.2% with Propelgol®. In comparison to the first test in 2012 with a result of 1,80 the vehicle has in the latest test a result of 0,12 this is a decrease of 93,33%.

Propelgol® Petrol / Gasoline reduces fuel consumption up to 40% and CO levels down to 0%.

Pco-testhoto from the APK (MOT) test done in the Netherlands with a gasoline Volvo V40 with 200.000 km from 2000.

The result was a CO level of 0% from exhaust gasses, which means a complete combustion of fuel.

Test was preformed twice because of the low CO emissions, they could not believe the low result.

co-test -2