What does Propelgol® do for the environment?

Dependency on fossil fuels is one of the key energy concerns currently facing the world. In November 2008, the UK Climate Change Act (CCA) gained Royal Assent, setting a legally binding target for the UK to reduce its emissions by 80% by 2050 against a 1990 baseline. Using Propelgol®, the government could reduce its land vehicle emissions output by 95.2%.

The result: a lower environmental impact:

  • Lower emissions by 95.2%
  • Reduces CO2 emissions up to 40%
  • CO level of 0%
  • Decreases soot by 95.2%
  • Decreases raw hydrocarbons by 100%
  • Reduces NOx levels
  • Improves combustion efficiencies
  • Maintaining the engine’s original fuel injection pattern and keeps the injectors clean.

“The world will require 50% more energy in 2030 than it did in 2005 almost all of which will be derived from synthetic and biofuel sources” – 19th December 2008 EIA, International Energy Outlook 2008. Propelgol® has the power to reduce crude oil dependent fuel consumption by as much as 30%, while requiring no crude oil to produce. Imagine the impact.